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Beamshare is an innovative media sharing tool. With an easy to use web interface, Beamshare provides users with a simple and robust way of sharing video content. Users can rapidly get their content to recipients - regardless of geographical location - to enable collaboration or review and approval, saving time and frustration.

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  • Upload and send videos from any location at any time. No need to return to the office to upload footage.
  • Upload and send in any format and at any resolution, with confidence that recipients can view the files at any time.
  • No need to be online for collaborators to access your footage.
  • Use any device to upload. If the internet connection is slow, upload will pause until the device can reconnect. Beamshare will automaticaly continue the upload. No need to spend all night watching for the file to upload.
  • Add comments to the timeline - which is available in milliseconds - for review. Collaborators can also timeline comments depending on the level of access you have allowed. This enables rapid review and feedback.
  • Control your collaborators' access. Decide who you wish to share with and for how long. Remove access at any time.
  • Continue working once file upload on Beamshare has commenced. Simply hide the window and carry on as normal.

Entrants to FilmG's annual competition submit their entries via Beamshare's web widget which is embedded on FilmG's website. FilmG has no need to download footage to view it which saves them both time and memory, and reviewers can comment on each entry via the timeline that appears on every submission. After this year's competition, FilmG described Beamshare as a 'lifesaver!'.

Beamshare is developed by Vcodex Limited, based in Aberdeen, world experts in video compression. They provide essential analysis and advice on technology, strategy and intellectual property. Their input will help you get the most out of your video compression technology, for example, through licensing, taking your technology to market or realising a sale.

Vcodex partners with law firms and technology companies to bring value to intellectual property. Their services include patent analysis, expert witness and source code review and specialist support for technology and intellectual property transactions. Founded by international expert Iain Richardson, Vcodex brings world-class expertise in video compression coding and multimedia streaming.

Credits/Clients include: MG ALBA, FilmG, Google, Cooley, Finnegan, White & Case.

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