Screen Facilities Scotland (SFS) began its transition to a formal co-operative venture after winning the Co-operative Development Scotland Collaboration Prize in 2012. The prize money covered costs associated with set-up, including a launch networking event with key clients, new and existing. With the support of CDS, SFS received vital advice on strategy, marketing and IT and the consortium structure quickly took shape.

Members benefit from shared marketing and promotional activities, new networking opportunities, stronger engagement and participation across creative industries and closer working with peers, colleagues and clients. SFS membership includes membership of UK Screen Association in London allowing influence and networking across the country.


By coming together, SFS forms a strong industry voice to develop business, build reputations, secure projects and growth for the Scottish film, television and commercial production sector.

Since 2012, SFS has become a focus point for its member companies and a central point of contact for the wider industry, potential clients, government, public agencies and other organisations. SFS has emerged as a visible and influential entity, and has formal presence and contribution at key events, including festivals, conferences, exhibitions, expos, and other industry activities.

To see some of our industry advocacy activities, visit our blog here.


SFS represents member companies collectively at key meetings, events and debates; interacting with government, broadcasters, funders and other parties by collating and presenting our members’ views. SFS input is sought for research, reports and case studies for:

  • Government / Parliament
  • Public / creative industry bodies
  • Academic institutions and individuals
  • Professional and private entities
  • Industry organisations and consultants

To see some of our research and opinion activities, visit our blog here.


Together with our partners and industry affiliate members, we promote and showcase the portfolio of services covered in our membership through the following activities:

  • Business briefings
  • External events
  • Event / festival brochures
  • Exhibition stalls / contributions
  • Industry event hosting / participation
  • Collaborating with industry partners and contacts as a collective

To see some of our member showcasing activities, visit our blog here.


SFS holds regular meetings for our facilities, services and affiliate members. SFS Working Group meetings take place every 4-6 weeks with Full Membership meetings taking place usually every quarter. All members are welcome to attend any Working Group meetings.

In addition to the regular Working Group and Full Membership meetings, special and informal member events are held regularly, and there are opportunities to host and participate in external industry events as well. Our members have been invited as guest speakers, panel chairs and particiipants, and they network and work in partnership with other trade bodies, member groups and industry organisations.

To see some of our events and networking activities, visit our blog here.


Through collective contacts, sharing resources, networking and promotion, relationships with our affiliates, and our national and international outreach work - we work towards encouraging incoming production to Scotland and driving new business to our members.

Our formalisation as a cooperative business consortium allows us to pitch for projects as a group or sub-group, so we accept production briefs or project outlines from enquirers that we can gather tenders from our membership to put build proposals for.

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