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  • New ‘trailer’ showcases nation’s screen talent and calls for crew to be sourced from Scotland
  • Scotland-based crew conceive, shoot, edit and release film during Covid pandemic to promote Scotland’s screen industry, with entirely donated creative and technical talent
  • The film is part of a new drive to attract and bolster international productions in the face of the pandemic and beyond [REF]
  • The combined film and TV sectors were reported to be worth between £340-435 million to the Scottish economy circa 2016 [REF]; and new studio developments signaling significant growth [REF]; with production spend seeing some 300% increase over ten years [REF], rising to almost £100 million in 2017 [REF] (this does not include the vibrant games and interactive media sector)
  • 2,850-3,980 people are employed in film and television in Scotland plus innumerable creative and technical freelancers [REF]
  • Production nationwide ceased in 2020 at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak but since safe production practices allowed work to resume [REF], Scotland has seen a boost of activity [REF]
  • The ‘HERE FOR YOU‘ initiative is led by Screen Facilities Scotland and will be supported by a social media campaign. Supporters are: Film Producer Iain Smith, the Association of Film and Television Practitioners Scotland (AFTPS), Film Bang, Crew Network, and more…

Here For You is brilliant…beautifully makes the point in a lyrically humorous way. Anyone who can make that can only be an asset on set”

Iain Smith, Producer [REF]


A crack Scottish film crew have released a film to advertise the country’s homegrown world-class skills to the global industry. The film, entitled ‘Here For You’, features a bloody skirmish between a group of professional battle re-enactors, a re-staging of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, shirtless kiltsmen racing through the forest, a Highland cow called Malia having her hair done, and music composed by Francis MacDonald.

The film is part of a new drive, spearheaded by Screen Facilities Scotland, to attract Scottish-based international productions that were cancelled or mothballed when the pandemic struck in March 2020. The screen industry contributes significantly to Scotland’s economy, not to mention fueling and attracting incoming tourism, and employs thousands of practitioners both in permanent roles and by providing projects to our many freelancers. Up-to-date figures on the economic contribution of screen production are much needed to help understand what growth can be measured and examine the effects of the pandemic. Screen Scotland’s recently announced research commission to obtain this is most welcome [REF]. Similarly a Connected Innovators research project will soon emerge for the games and interactive sector [REF].

Many of the multitude of freelancers who saw their incomes decline sharply as productions fell silent, faced greater difficulty than ever. But industry insiders believe that green shoots of recovery are abound since productions have resumed and restrictions ease.

The ‘Here For You’ campaign launches at 6pm on 20 April 2021. It will be launched via a social media campaign and private screenings with major players in the global film industry. It will be accessible at this link and across SFS online channels.

Filming took place in August 2020 before Covid rules were fully relaxed so the 50-strong crew and cast had to work in small groups within strict social distancing guidelines except for the battle re-enactors who were permitted to work and travel within their own discrete ‘bubble’.

Determined to remind the creative world of the depth of Scottish talent, the enterprising crew and cast contributed their skills, services and equipment on a voluntary basis and conceived, shot, edited, and released the film, on a shoestring expenses-only budget of £3k, but a shed load of passion, heart, and belief in the message.

Director David Boni said:

“So many of us were shut down in our homes staring at our phones thinking they might never ring again. We love what we do and we hate twiddling our thumbs so when Joanne asked us to pitch in we were delighted. It got us out and about doing what we do best.”

David Boni, Photographer and Director [REF]

The film’s Executive Producer Joanne McLeod has a message to movie and TV moguls all over the world:

“Next time you’re thinking about shooting in Scotland, don’t hesitate to reach out to our local crew and facilities.

With our firmly-established talent and technical facilities, we can help you cut your production costs, save you the expense of flying in and accommodating your own crew, and continue to develop the Scottish film industry in its own right.”

Joanne McLeod, Executive Producer [REF]

Cast member Ann Hammell said:

“Had a wonderful experience working on ‘Here for you‘. What’s not to love? Amazing hard working crew, everyone so friendly and professional, good humour, and stunning Scottish scenery. We really do have it all in Scotland.”

Ann Hammell, GBM Casting [REF]


For producers looking to crew up for their projects look to these resources:


In August 2018, Screen Scotland, led by former BFI executive Isabel Davis was tasked with doubling the value of the industry from the £69m recorded in 2016 to up to £160m by 2022 [REF].

With major international productions like No Time To Die, Tetris, Princess Switch II and III, Avengers: Infinity War, Mary Queen of Scots and Outlaw King; spending on movie and TV productions in Scotland is soaring. The fantasy time travel series Outlander has also helped the value of the industry more than double in just four years.

Covid-19 lockdowns stalled or shut down many productions, causing many Scottish crew and film companies to fear for their futures.


“The community of freelance screen crew in Scotland are skilled, adaptable, and passionate; with a cultivated knowledge of local resources, connections, and solutions. A thriving local screen production ecosystem offers wide-reaching benefits in being able to accommodate various levels of production, including supporting the growing number of studio spaces. ‘Here For You‘ shows that even under challenging circumstances, Scotland based crew are professional, versatile, responsive, and ready to deliver with vision and humour.”

Dr Belle Doyle, Association of Film and Television Practitioners Scotland (AFTPS) [REF]

“We really do have it all in Scotland. With a multitude of the most professional and experienced crew, from Assistant Directors to Wardrobe Supervisors, and every facility required for filming. They are local to this beautiful country and are passionate about filming in Scotland, as well as having the knowledge and skills to show it at its best.

We have a rich and diverse, creative community working in the industry and by hiring local you are not only reducing your carbon footprint and supporting our incredible industry to continue to thrive and grow, but you are hiring talent with knowledge of permissions and local facilities, helping productions run more smoothly.”

Marianne & Amy, Film Bang [REF]

“As a company based in Scotland, representing talented crew and promoting locations throughout Scotland, Crew Network really welcomes the SFS’ ‘Here For You’ campaign.

Scotland continues to be used as a backdrop for a number of high profile feature films, advertising productions, outdoor broadcasts and events – as there aren’t many countries our size that offer such impressive landscapes and locations with talented production crews to match.

Here’s to welcoming many more future productions and getting all our highly skilled crews working to their full capacity.”

Rhian Howells, Managing Director, Crew Network [REF]

“Scotland is a criminally untapped resource in so many ways. But especially in the creative community. Talented? Tick. Professional? Tick. Passionate? Tick. I know. I’ve worked with loads of them. But don’t take my word for it. Come to Scotland and take advantage – and make them YOUR creative community”

Sanjeev Kohli, Actor, Comedian, Writer [REF]

“SFS is playing a critical function. Member companies individually provide an array of specialist services essential to successful screen production in Scotland. When a collective voice is brought together under the SFS banner it is powerful. ‘Here for You’ is inspiring and makes a clear and persuasive case for pulling from Scottish talent.”

Ian Houston, President, Scottish Business Network [REF]

“Scotland is a country punching far above its weight in terms of the quality and quantity of our film technicians. I’m lucky enough to have worked with just a few of the outstanding DOPs, Sound Recordists, Assistant Directors, Directors, Editors, Facilities Managers, Art Departments, Wardrobe, Make up and Lighting teams and more on Scot Squad, and they are by far the most central part of the shows’ creation and success. Our technicians are some of the finest (and funniest) in the world and they contribute so much more than just the skills their job titles mention. I am very excited about the future of film and TV in Scotland and I hope productions from around the world will come here to take advantage of the incredible artists who are here, ready to take their shows to new heights.”

Karen Bartke, Actor [REF]

“Scotland – stories and scenery – absolutely got the lot. What is more exciting though, is seeing these accompanied by a growing industry infrastructure that can take them to global markets.”

Iain Hamilton, Head of Creative Industries, Highlands & Islands Enterprise [REF]

“I’ve worked as an Actress in television across the UK for eighteen years. Our film and television industry at home here in Scotland is full of hugely talented, hard working individuals. Our crews, I believe, are genuinely some of the hardest working people in the industry. More and more large scale productions are now using Scotland as their location of choice to shoot incredible movies and television shows. Producers are safe in the knowledge that when they come here, they can select from a pool of hugely talented individuals to become their crew or select individuals to work alongside crew members travelling here with a production.

There is a camaraderie on a Scottish set that can never really be matched anywhere else. The folk here are positive, friendly, welcoming and excellent at their jobs. The key is, they are team players. Always willing to help each other out to make the job easier overall for everyone.

With a variety of film, TV comedy, TV drama, children’s, factual, and a continuing drama being shot here, our crew members are highly skilled and versatile, with the ability to work regularly across a wide variety of genres, thus making them more than able to slot in and become an asset to any production. Not to mention the weather conditions they are used to filming in! That’s a bonus in itself. If you can film in the rain in Scotland….you can film anywhere!

Leah MacRae, Actor and Writer [REF]

“Having worked as an actor for over thirty years, I can honestly say that if I was making a film, it’s a given that I would make it in Scotland. We have the most stunning locations, talented crews, imaginative wardrobe and makeup people, great facilities, clever editors, the list of talented people is endless, and it’s all here, just waiting for you and your vision.”

Kathryn Howden, Actor [REF]

“The Scottish Games Network is excited to support SFS’ campaign ‘Here For You‘ as a brilliant example of how an industry can rally together to produce something visually stunning with an impactful message that really showcases the embedded talent and value in Scotland.

While games, digital and interactive media are their own genres within ‘screen production’, the technology rapidly evolving around it draws ever-increasing parallels over all screen-based narrative storytelling and digital interactivity. One of the missions of the SGN is to encourage those worlds to work closer and more productively together in the future. Scotland is a vibrant place bursting with talent and we should stand together and shout about it.”

Brian Baglow, Director, Scottish Games Network [REF]


SFS contact details:

Contact: Belinda Love


Phone: 0141 363 0022

HERE FOR YOU credits:

HERE FOR YOU is an initiative led by Screen Facilities Scotland.

Production Crew

WRITER: Gerry Farrell who is better known for his ad campaigns for Irn-Bru and Tennent’s Lager

DIRECTOR: Multiple award-winner David Boni

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Joanne McLeod of Artem Scotland

DOP: Julian Schwanitz


2ND AC: Keir O’Donnell


ART DIRECTOR: Gordon Rogers

SFX: Mike Lawson of Artem Scotland



CAMERA KIT HIRE: MediaDog / No Drama


HAIR/MAKE-UP: Karen Shields

WARDROBE: Lauren Rossel

FACILITIES: Supply2Location Scotland



COMPOSER: Francis Macdonald

SOUND DESIGNER: William Aikman (Arteus)

EDITOR: Caitlin Delves (Arteus)

GRAPHICS: Nicholas Munro (Arteus)


COLOURIST: Matt Murphy (Production Attic) and Graham Struthers (Arteus)

ANIMATION: David Reynolds (Production Attic), Matthew Cowan (Production Attic), and Wild Child Animation



Fisherman: Gerry Farrell

Location: Lake of Menteith


Footage: John Duncan

Location Scouts

Footage: Elite Falconry

Line Producers

Farmer: Shona Duncan

Sheep Dog: Sky

Location: Duncan Family Farms

Directors / Assistant Directors

Director: Ann Hammell (GBM Casting)

Assistant Director: Gary Clunie (GBM Casting)

Camper Van Driver: Alex Card (GBM Casting)

Camper Van Passenger: Alice Pelan (GBM Casting)

Camper Van C/O: Marcus Brackenbury

Location: Betty’s B&B at Overton Farm


Drone: John Duncan


Archive: Pond 5 Media Ireland Ltd


Archive: Dr Kevin Robertson (Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU))


Warriors: Clan Ranald

Location: Duncarron Medieval Fort


Highland Cow: Malia

Location: Woodneuk Farm


Kilted Runner #1: Stephen Clarke

Kilted Runner #2: Rab Shields

Special Effects

Archive: Alamy Stock Photo

Animation: Production Attic


Mary Queen of Scots: Victoria Young (GBM Casting)

Executioner: Finn Allan

Location: Duncarron Medieval Village

SFS Member Companies


Axis Studios

Barbour All Terrain Tracking

Camera Crane Scotland


David Taylor Events

Filming Scotland

Gaelforce 10 Management

GBM Casting

Grant Mason FX



LS Productions


Procam Take 2

Production Attic

Progressive Broadcast Hire

Supply2Location Scotland

WK Film Insurance


Ancient & Auld

BBC Scotland

Cine Highland

Film Bang

Tayscreen & Fifescreen

UK Screen Alliance




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