Production Attic

We are a video production company. Based in Glasgow, we produce content for a wide range of industries in Scotland, across the UK and worldwide. Our styles of productions vary depending on our clients but no matter what kind of films we produce, whether they are advertisements, training videos, instructional films, testimonials or anything else, we always ensure our content is engaging and relevant, believe all creative video production should have simple, transparent, pricing, make the production process easy, believe all production crew should be treated & paid fairly create living wage jobs for talented crew. We understand that the production process can be difficult for clients with no experience so we do our best to demystify and keep things simple. We also provide film crew hire, post production services, media training and equipment rental.

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Contact name: Matthew Cowan
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Contact Tel: 01413312432
Production Attic was established in 2011 to produce corporate films that look and feel more like broadcast segments or short films, rather than standard corporate videos. We established a transparent pricing structure, which can be found on our pricing page This allows all of our clients, old and new, to know they are getting the same rates. This pricing structure works across our full production services, film crew hire and post production services. We have carried out production services all across Scotland, the UK and abroad in countries such as France and Spain. We also produce content for many international clients in markets such as South America and China.

Proudly Supporting the Scottish Film Industry

Our mission is to Promote a Strong Sustainable Scottish Offer to the Global TV, Film & Media industry, delivering growth to our members and success to our sector.

We advocate for our local industry. We showcase what the local industry can offer to ensure that productions are able to easily obtain the services and facilities they need in Scotland.