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We’re proud of our years of experience, vendor relationships and proven expertise. But we realise that those aren’t the only factors at play when you’re choosing a technical partner. We’re committed to being a responsible, sustainable, people-focused company: a team you can partner with in confidence, and who can support your CSR goals as much as your technical ones. From planning to post-production, our media solution experts are here to guide your workflow delivering foolproof and flexible solutions at every stage

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Contact name: Jigsaw24
Contact Email: media@jigsaw24.com
Contact Tel: 03332409210
An expert technical pre-sales team, technical support and engineers based in Glasgow, the Dear Green Place In 2017, the lovely (and knowledgeable) folks at root6 joined our family to create the largest, most experienced audio and video technology services and solutions provider in Europe. With a combined 40-plus years’ experience, our team of highly qualified consultants and engineers are working alongside the UK’s leading creative companies – and can work alongside you too. And don’t worry if you’re not based in Scotland; we have locations all across the country. You can find our main HQ in Nottingham, and our services and customer experience centre in Soho. We also have a base in Cardiff – so we’re never far away!

Proudly Supporting the Scottish Film Industry

Our mission is to Promote a Strong Sustainable Scottish Offer to the Global TV, Film & Media industry, delivering growth to our members and success to our sector.

We advocate for our local industry. We showcase what the local industry can offer to ensure that productions are able to easily obtain the services and facilities they need in Scotland.