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At Camera Crane Scotland, we are experienced and knowledgeable with a vast portfolio of work under our collective belts. We have combined our experience to provide our CAMERA CRANE SCOTLAND services across the United Kingdom and on a global scale. Our Grip crew has the knowhow and understanding to make sure you get that perfect shot, while helping to keep your set safe and professional at all times. We run our own training! We have a training programme for Assistants, Grips, Camera Crane Operators, and Technicians, which has been running successfully for three years and counting. We currently have six trainees on board, all of whom are learning on the job and becoming highly skilled operators of some of the most advanced camera crane equipment in the industry.

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Contact name: Aaron Boucher
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Contact Tel: 07866740360
Our wet hire service is a safe pair of hands for your commercial production, be it for HETV dramas, feature films, commercials or promotional videos, and we have the experience to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our Camera Crane Scotland services include Key Grips, Grips, Grip assistants, and trainees as required. Crane and Remote head technicians and operators, as well as experienced broadcast level one man jib operators. We pride ourselves as one of the leading providers of specialist tracking vehicle solutions, with our Camera Car Scotland fleet, custom-bodied Silverados, air sprung low loaders, the latest in camera rigging equipment.

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We advocate for our local industry. We showcase what the local industry can offer to ensure that productions are able to easily obtain the services and facilities they need in Scotland.