Barbour All Terrain Tracking

Barbour All Terrain Tracking specialises in on and off road camera tracking, 4×4 expedition consultancy and management, 4×4 driving and driver training from City & Guilds Certificate of Competence level training to advanced off road driving techniques and event management and implementation.

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Contact name: Duncan Barbour
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Contact Tel: 078314312163
Duncan has worked all over the world in almost every environment you can think of. Bringing that experience to whatever he does whether it be screen, event, training or expedition-related projects. From a family of petrolheads to Camel Trophy to expeditions to camera tracking on hugely successful film and television productions, BATT has been providing expert driving and vehicle services to a variety of clients and projects since 1994. From 1995 to 2018 Duncan has organised and worked on a staggering 60 plus events from expeditions to product and press launches to adverts and film and television work taking him all over the world, from the Highlands of Scotland to the wilds of China, Japan, to the deserts of Oman and Jordan, North and South America (he circumnavigated South America twice in a truck), Canada, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Greenland, Africa (various countries in the North, Central and South and the Arctic Circle to name but a few. He is now currently working on vehicle based expeditions to Guyana, Costa Rica, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

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